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Why integrate short video and live streaming with your sales and marketing in China?

It’s more convenient, and cheaper!

Short video is increasingly cost-effective, empowered by the rapidly advancing videographic technology. You can easily get a one-minute expertly shot and spliced video clip ready within TWO days at only a TENTH of the cost that a conventional commercial operation would charge you.

It reaches a broader audience

With the advent of the 5G telecommunication and the attendant speedy but inexpensive internet service, a growing number of people are increasing their use of data consuming services on mobile devices and tending to spend more time on streaming videos.

Locate your potential users

We are at an age when users generated content is booming. V-loggers are more anxious than ever to be different from others, tagging themselves with ‘personalization’ and finding niche markets with followers where they can lead. If categories are all there, is anything easier than just doing some matches?

A better investment-return

Selling through live streaming and short videos provides a revolutionary interactive way to buy goods and services. Both Douyin and Taobao are competing to be the leading mixture platform of social and e-commerce by offering a great number of incentives and supports to sellers – why not join in?

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We tell good stories around your products
Having learned painfully that videos going rival does not always increase sales, our creative team excels at balancing the objectives ‘to sell products and impart sufficient branding cognition’ with sparking curiosity and hooking potential users’.
We understand customers, and we know where they are
Equipped with years of digital marketing experience and collaborative advertising channels, we are in position to precisely translate your selling points to potential customers, at the best time, and at the exact place.
Cooperation wins!
Our competitive KOL price scheme derives from extensive collaborations with MCN (multi-channel network) agencies across the globe. We inspire creativity, plus we strike bargains with each other 😊
We speak your language while listening to Chinese
The multi-lingual team assures smooth communication at the necessary level, with full respect to your specific cultural norms, while native co-workers mitigate the possible cultural collisions which can arise from Chinese marketing.

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