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Social media is an inevitable part of the Chinese society – an average Chinese online user checks social media more than three times a day. This justifies the key importance of a company’s social media presence to achieve brand exposure and to influence consumers’ decisions. Raise awareness and build trust by fine-tuning interaction and engagement with target audience, get our free consultation now.

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Popify designs and implementsyour roadmap to success in China

China's most trendingsocial media platfroms

  • Wechat
    Social & Messenger
    1.06 Billion MAU
  • Weibo
    Social & Blogging
    462 Million MAU
  • Little Red Book
    48.4 Million MAU
  • Douyin
    Short Video Platform
    124 Million MAU

WeChat is the largest social media tool in China. Being a messenger platform, it doesn’t limit itself to only chat functions but also enables various features including Official Service/Subscription account, moments (feed), games, payment system etc. A broad number of features creates numerous opportunities for brands promotion within China’s biggest social media platform. The most widespread WeChat marketing tools include:

  • Organic marketing
  • WeChat Moments (Feed) advertising
  • WeChat Banner advertising
  • Search engine promotion
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing

Weibo is a Chinese micro blogging giant with 462 million monthly active users and 172 daily active users. This platform has a similar relevance in the Chinese market as Twitter does in Western countries and is considered to be the most interactive mainstream social media platform in China. Unlike WeChat it has more broadcasting functions, providing you with access to a huge online users base. The most in-demand Weibo marketing tools include:

  • Organic marketing
  • Weibo Fans Connect advertising
  • Weibo Headline advertising
  • Weibo Banner advertising
  • Search engine promotion

Social e-commerce shopping platform claimed to be the largest cross-boarder e-commerce operator. Just in 5 years it hit over 40 million monthly users by attracting target audience of young females interested in fashion, beauty and luxury products. The platform is based on user generated content (UGC) and features netizens exchange various brands reviews and recommendations.

  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing
  • Social engagement
  • E-commerce
  • In-app advertising

Douyin is a short-video sharing platform which is similar to popular in Western countries Following the increased popularity of short videos many brands implemented video marketing in their business model and successfully captured the desired attention. Most important features of the video platform is that the videos are really short – around 15 seconds, and usually very creative and interactive.

  • Short video marketing
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing
  • E-commerce redirect
  • In-app advertise

Popify has been a great partner for China Digital, working together on our international clients. Always reliable, they provide consistently good quality work and have, on occasions, performed miracles for us against all odds. The distance and language barriers between Australia and China seems insignificant as technology and the team’s “can do” attitude mean that the lines of communication are always open. I highly recommend them as a go-to partner in China.

—— Annette Sharp
Director of China Digital

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Our Services

Social Media Account Setup
Popify team will apply for and set up an Official Account so it can effectively communicate your brand’s message to the target audience.
  • Document support for account registration;
  • Verification of the Official Account;
  • Business profile setup (custom menu/information/profile picture/background/auto reply)
Social Media Account Management
We will engage with the audience in the most efficient way to increase your brand’s awareness and loyalty.
  • Content strategy development;
  • In-advance planning and creation of original copywriting material;
  • Periodical posts publication concerning brand news, product/service/event information;
  • Translation and localization of the relevant news from the company’s website;
  • Additional promotional activities planning and arrangement;
  • Daily inquiry management and comments reply.
Targeted Advertising:
Banner / Feed / Headline/ Video
Targeted advertisement is a powerful tool that allows numerous users to see your brand’s promotion information, with the right strategy and right partner you can significantly increase the conversions rate.
  • Advertising account set up;
  • Advertisement content and visuals design;
  • Geographical/interest group/device and other attributed targeting setting;
  • Campaign monitoring.
KOL Marketing
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) have a strong impact on consumers’ choices, collaboration with KOL induces followers base and website referral traffic increase.
  • Appropriate KOL selection and collaboration set up;
  • Promotional post’s script/content preparation or approval;
  • Time-schedule arrangement;
  • Daily management and effects monitoring.

How it works

Chinese Social Media market research

Stil undecided whether you want to pay big money to advertise on Chinese Social Media? Enlist us to help you conduct some preliminary ground work for you by gauging the Chinese audiences' interest towards your product/service on Chinese Social Media.

  • Target audience analysis;
  • Brand image and marketing position research;
  • Competition overview;
  • General marketing plan (recommended social media promotion channels combinations, content and language specifications);
  • Test period strategy specification.

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