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The short video is a carrier for promoting and marketing popular content. It won audiences' love with its vivid performance and emotional rendering and has become one of China's most popular promotion methods of brands/products.

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Short video platform

Douyin is a local Chinese version of TikTok, a music short video social app created by Bytedance. It is currently one of China's most influential short video platforms, with more than 600 million daily active users.

  • Large user volume
  • Entertainment content
  • Perfect business system

A popular Chinese short video community, a platform for users to record and share production and life. At present, there are more than 300 million daily active users.

  • High capacity for socializing
  • Content of everyday life
  • Strong fan loyalty

A short video section grafted on WeChat, a platform for recording and creation. On WeChat Channels, viewers can see the videos liked and commented on by their friends on WeChat. Compared with other video platforms, it has excellent advantages in private communication.

  • Wechat support system
  • Great advantages private communication

Bilibili is a well-known Chinese video bullet screen website. It is a cultural community and video platform with a high concentration among young generations in China. The audience is primarily young people. It now has 223 million monthly active users, more than 86 percent of whom are 35 years old or younger, and is used by half of China's young people.

  • The platform features long videos
  • The age of users is relatively young
  • Fans have high loyalty and are likely to stay

Short video form

Narrative Short Film

This type of short-form video focuses mainly on story performance, attracting the target audience's attention by telling stories. The short-form video could subtly make people like and remember by improving the plot's resonance with the audience and deepening the emotional connection between production and audience.

  • Stories are good
  • High fans loyalty
  • Be into the production indirectly

Emotional short video

This type of short-form video focuses mainly on a simplified plot and sophisticated emotional output. Through expressive rendering, it can affect the dynamic attributes of the target audience to lower the targets' resistance to marketing and place the products. In this way, products can be remembered and liked indirectly.

  • Short and effective
  • Emotional resonance
  • Be into the production indirectly

The product recommend/information stream video

This type of short-form video takes the direct way to promote the product. By shooting the product picture, highlighting the product appearance, application, and other multi-dimensional features, it directly shows the product advantages to the audience to make people remember and like the product.

  • Short creation cycle
  • Allows mass production
  • Be into the production directly

Mix cut

This type of short-form video uses materials from brands and the Internet as sources. It reintegrates them through mixed editing to form complete video content. Then it puts them in channels to promote and makes the recommendation.

  • Material is important
  • No need to shoot the film
  • Short creation cycle
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Short video Production process

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